Remote P800

Remote P800 1.44

Control your UIQ cellphone from your computer desktop

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  • Añadidas ventanas de eventos : llamadas, mensajes...

With Remote P800 you can control your Sony Ericsson P800 from your desktop or notebook computer! Use your PC keyboard and mouse to navigate your phone. You can start and use any application without even touching your phone. Remote P800 helps you creating screenshots and even allows you to record AVI movies from the screen of your mobile phone.

Remote P800 is an ideal tool for:

  • Conveniently managing your Sony Ericsson P800 (add/edit contacts, bookmarks; configure settings, etc.)
  • Quickly writing and sending SMS messages
  • Reading/sending eMails with your P800 from your PC
  • Making/answering phone calls from your PC
  • Taking screenshots or creating AVI movies for tutorials
  • Training or presenting applications on a Sony Ericsson P800 via a beamer

Features of Remote P800:

  • View and control your P800 from your PC using your desktop screen, keyboard and mouse
  • Copy & Paste text between phone and PC
  • Create or save screenshots
  • Record and save AVI movies of your phone's screen
  • Unique screen compression for high performance
  • Different color modes (4096, 256 and 16 grays)
  • 2x Zoom
  • Popup on incoming calls or SMS
  • Easily connect using the PC Suite for Sony Ericsson P800

A practical tool for controlling your UIQ cellphone from your PC's desktop.

Remote P800


Remote P800 1.44

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